HOP is the definitive Easter Bunny movie

I was invited to a preview screening of the new Universal Pictures movie HOP last Saturday, and wanted to share a quick review!

It's rare these days to find an un-cynical, snark-free movie for the family, but HOP fits the bill.  Over the last few years, most animated (or semi-animated) films have become chock full of scatological humor, rude words, and kid-inappropriate situations.  I call it the "Shrek-effect."  And while HOP does include a couple of Playboy mansion references and one jellybean-pooping incident (which probably gave it the PG rating) it mainly steers toward G-rated kid-friendly fun.

The basic story is what happens when Fred, a ne'er-do-well 20-something, crosses paths with his bunny equivalent, E.B., the son/heir of the Easter Bunny.  E.B. is voiced by Russell Brand, and he is hilarious.

This is not "Lawrence of Arabia," but an awesome way to spend a couple of hours with your kids.  The animation is superb (you can almost feel the bunny fur ruffling in the wind), and most of the gags are clever (the bunnies live on Easter Island...get it?).  Check out the wonder of the Easter factory, which reminded me of the Willy Wonka factory scene for pure delight.

An added soupcon of danger comes from Carlos, the "number two" at the factory, an ambitious chick who wants to overthrow the Easter Bunny, and the "Pink Berets," a girl-squad of ninja-like bunnies who protect the Easter Bunny.

I don't want to give anything more away, because one of the fun things about this movie is the unfolding story and heartfelt message at the center of the action.

Bottom line: take your kids!

Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty fun too...

Disclosure: I received one free ticket to the screening via Klout Perks (http://www.cmp.ly/2/va).
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