Is there a story behind your avatar?

rosemary_with_ciaran_drivewayFebruary 26, 2005--It was a crisp early Spring day in Seattle, with a clear blue sky.  A rarity to be savored, and so we had gone out in the front driveway to take some pictures of Ciaran.  There was an exhilarating breeze coming from the direction of the river, and feeling the sun on our faces made all of us smile.  The pine trees were swishing gently, and Ted said, "why don't you pick him up?"


I was asked the other day about my avatar, which is now in use on so many of my social profiles across the web that I've lost track.  There's a reason I chose to use that particular photo as my virtual web presence for the last 5 years or so--it represents a moment of pure bliss.


These pictures of Ciaran are some of my favorites.  He's wearing his favorite orange rain jacket.  He had a recent haircut. As usual, he was full of energy and giggling.


When this particular photo was taken, I didn't know I was in the frame, and my smile is just unselfconscious total joy in the moment.


Much better than a headshot from a professional studio, and it makes me light up inside every time I see it. I guess someday I'll have to find a new avatar picture, but for now this is me.



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