February Dessert - Cherry Cheese Strudel

February's dessert in the Year of Random Desserts was chosen because I'm completely crazy about cherries.  And when you add the cheesecake center and flaky phyllo sheets, it's out of this world.


When you look at the recipe (I found it on Food Network's website), you'll need to read the reviews.  There's an important correction to the ingredients that someone posted after watching the episode.  I did follow the corrected recipe, and I have to say that the filling still leaked out of the strudel roll, but the taste was so awesome that it doesn't matter.


So my word of caution is that you probably want to serve this one at home, to family, rather than trying to do a fancy reveal at a big party.  It doesn't look at pretty as you would expect, but dude.  It's amazing.  The phyllo brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar becomes crispy and flaky, and the cherries play nicely with the cheesy filling.


What else can I say but...it's gone. Yeah, I had it for breakfast.



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