Working outside your comfort zone

This is a dispatch from the productivity file! We've successfully moved to the Charleston, SC area, but still have no WiFi hookup at home (yes, to me, this is like not having running water). As I try to continue getting work done, I've uncovered some tips that might be useful to anyone else who is "working outside of the comfort zone."


Buy comfortable headphones. If you're working at Starbucks, McDonald's, or any other free WiFi zone, you'll need to block out the sound of the espresso machine and that loud MLM guy sitting next to you on his cellphone.


Use time-blocking. It can be easy to skitter around from one project to the next if you don't set aside specific time blocks to accomplish tasks. Some people use "Pomodoro" to help them use blocks of time wisely. I like to do about 20 minute blocks myself.


Spend quality time out of work-mode too. If you're not going to an office, you can slide into "I'm working all the time" mode. It's still important to unplug and hug the kids, go to the beach (W00t!), and read a good book.


You need video conferencing. I've found that audio-only just doesn't cut it for meetings and staying in touch.  Now that we have iChat, FaceTime, and Google+ Huddles, there's no excuse for phone conferences.  There's something about seeing someone's face that is important when you're trying to work together.


Find a good collaboration application. Producteev is my current application of choice for keeping track of tasks online.  I'm using it to manage work projects, moving-related tasks, as well as school and family to-do lists. (The iPhone app is a great bonus.)  Be sure you choose a solution that allows you to share tasks with other team members.


We're supposed to get re-connected to cyberspace tomorrow...wish me luck!


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