Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Wrapup 2012

This year's CES has reportedly surpassed all attendance records, and it certainly felt that way at the show.  Here's my report from the "trenches."


Takeaways this year:

  • They're still trying to get us to want 3D in our homes
  • Devices between the size of an smartphone and a tablet are emerging (think Galaxy Note, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  • All objects around us are going to get "smart" (think refrigerators, walls, clothing)
  • You need at least 10 customized iPhone cases in your wardrobe
  • Charging is key; portable, mobile, multi-plugged, cross-platform, solar...




I had a beautiful view of Chicago as I flew into O'Hare for my layover.  It looks so tiny from up here!




My first shot of the South Hall, walking in.  Believe it or not, this is not a very crowded scene.  Sometimes you feel like you are a fish being propelled downstream when you're walking the floor.




Looks like Leo Laporte wasn't in the TWiT booth at the time, or I'd have rushed up there like a fangirl chasing the Beatles.




There were lots of random cars at the show, even in the non-car booths.  Everyone was waiting in line to sit in this one and have their picture taken.




This cute little car was in the Crossley booth (the makers of those jukeboxes and portable record players).  You remember records, right?




I took this picture just for Dave.  It's a pretty red, isn't it?




This was a cute idea...for kids to prop up and store their iPads.  They also function as pillows, and there's a little storage compartment for earphones, etc.  




My favorite piece of tech...the projectable keyboard.  There was a huge crowd in this booth, and these devices are actually available now (remember when I showed this technology in last year's CES report?)  I want to buy one, but their price point is a tad high, in my opinion.




This was the Kia booth, believe it or not.  They were showing off integrated iPad docks in the cars, and some sleek new dashboard design. 




I just loved the colors and design of this Kia. See the hardwood floor?  It's modern and retro at the same time.  Did I just say I loved a Kia?  




Another shot of the Kia's interior.




The Audi booth was lit so brightly you needed to put sunglasses on to walk into it.  It made for some good pictures though.  If I recall correctly, this is an electric car.




Booth babes doing their thing.  This was in a camera booth.




That's Fox News reporting from up there, above the fray.




One of the coolest things we saw.  This booth had an actor from the new Men in Black 3 movie getting his makeup put on by the actual makeup artist from the movie.  When I took this picture, he had already been in the chair for 4 hours, with a brief lunch break.





Cool silver car...this was a headphone booth, I believe.




Yellow's not my thing, but the car is nice.




Day 2 swag haul.  We have earphones galore.





We tried to visit the Scripps Networks (our customer's) booth, but no-one was home when we got there.  Looked like there had been a good party in there previously.




There was a big line of geeks waiting to try out this Parrot hovercraft, which can be controlled with your iPhone.





We stopped to watch this CNet show, but the hosts were so annoying we had to leave.  It is some kind of tech rumor show.




Giant kangaroo for Dish Network.  Too bad they weren't giving out little versions of this.




While in Vegas, we had to visit the shark pool at the Golden Nugget (on Fremont Street).  I had seen it on an episode of Extreme Resorts.  There is a water slide that goes through the shark tank!




Don't know if you can tell, but that's Jay Mohr sitting down in the background (in front of the white column) chatting with a makeup artist.  They were shooting a Jim Carrey/Steve Carell movie (called Burt Wonderstone) when we hit Fremont Street.




Steve Buscemi is in this picture.  I swear.




Another shot of the moviemaking.  There were a lot of extras milling around.




The person in red under the palm tree is Steve Carell.  We tried to wave, but he was done shooting and ran out like a shot.




Final day swag.  Pretty minimal, but I was happy to get the new HGTV print magazine (read it on the airplane, it's great) and the Skype shirt and iPhone holder are useful.


It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be back home!

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