September's Random dessert: Chocolate Eclairs

Yes, I'm late posting this one...but I promise to get caught up!


This one should be titled, "How to avoid making scrambled eggs."  Choux dough might be one I need to try a few times before I can really get it right.  


The recipe was a three-parter: first you make the pastry cream (easy), then you make the choux (looks easy but is really difficult), and finally the chocolate glaze (easy but make sure you pay attention).


Here's the recipe I used:


First, the pastry cream.  This recipe was pretty simple, and it tasted nice and custardy, with a touch of vanilla.  Put saran wrap on the surface of the custard while it chills or you will end up with a "skin" on the top.




The most important thing about the choux is to keep whisking like a maniac when you add the eggs to the heated flour mixture, or you'll have scrambled eggs. But you can't beat it too much or you'll have tough pastry.  I didn't get this part exactly right, because the final product tasted very eggy and dense, not light and airy.


Pipe out the choux (mine were a bit stretched out).






This was my finished eclair.  It looked like it might be tasty, even though the glaze was a bit runny. Final wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.  Further research is required.




If anyone has made eclairs successfully, and has a great tip for avoiding the eggy problem, please let me know!

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