Mission: Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol



I have to start this review with a disclaimer. I've been a Mission: Impossible fan since I was in roughly second grade.  For me, Peter Graves was The Man, and there was a thrill when the fuse lit every week.  My babysitter used to let me stay up late to watch it sometimes, which added a frisson of danger to the operation.  But I digress.


This time out, Ethan and his team are out in the cold, on their own against a bad guy who feels as if he belongs in an earlier era.  In fact there's quite a bit about this MI movie that has a throwback aura.  The music, the witty banter, and the edge-of-your-seat, precisely timed antics all made me feel nostalgic in a good way.  This one seems a bit less slick and overproduced, as if the producers had a few cocktails and loosened up a bit.  I like it.


The action takes place in Budapest, Dubai, and Mumbai, and revolves around a somewhat cockamamie plot involving nuclear codes (yes, nuclear codes).  But the plot driver doesn't really matter; we're all really there to watch Ethan cling, Spiderman-style to the outside of the Burj Dubai.  I loved the addition of Jeremy Renner to the mix, as well; he adds a kinetic energy to the team.


When they announce MI:5, I'll be right there ready to plunk down for a ticket.

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