Help! I'm in login purgatory!

Google and YouTube are conspiring against me.  When Google acquired YouTube, they decided to combine login accounts.  And recently Google attempted to clear things up by consolidating accounts as well, realizing that people had multiple profiles.  This sequence of events has me so messed up that I want to stick forks in my eyeballs.


Exhibit A:


Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 9.11.51 AM


I already had four Google accounts:

Account #1: login related to our family calendar, etc.

Account #2: login for my gmail account, which I almost never use

Account #3: my personal Google profile account, which is tied to an old business email

Account #4: my work Google login, created for me when we started using Google docs, etc., at work


Additional mayhem has ensued because various Google services are tied to the various accounts (Adwords, my biz profile, calendars, docs, and now YouTube).


I also already had two separate YouTube logins that I personal YouTube account, which has funny videos of the kids, and our corporate YouTube account, which has product videos.


I finally figured out how to link the corporate YouTube account to my work Google login.  Phew.


However, now I can't log in to YouTube with my personal YouTube login in order to link it to my personal Google account because Google recognizes that I'm "professional Rosemary."


I'm 10 seconds away from just starting a new YouTube account.  (That would be number 3...)


Need a visit from the "login fairy!"

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Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 9.11.51 AM
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