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"Is that as fast as you can go, you moppet?"Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 12.22.08 PM
"Don't burn the risotto!"

Ah, the encouraging words of the master.  I'm talking, of course, about Gordon Ramsay, the one-man Scottish food/media juggernaut of Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nighmares, cookbooks, high-end restaurants, and now...coming to an iPad near you.

I must admit that I'm already a big Gordon Ramsay fan (some don't like him because of his gruff manner on Hell's Kitchen, but after seeing a lot of his other work, I love him).

The app includes recipes with full video walkthroughs so that you can "cook along" with the chef, ingredient lists that can be moved over to a shopping list (which can then be sent to your iPhone), and social sharing tools as well.  The recipes are handily organized by category, difficulty level, season, ingredient, or time.  Or you can just visually browse pictures of the finished recipes.

There are also nifty little mini-tip videos like how to properly cut an onion (did you know that the way you slice it can affect how much you cry?).  You can also get direct access to purchase his books or check out his restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay: Cook with Me HD is a bit pricey (at $8 US), for an app, but priceless when you consider that you're getting virtual apprenticeship with one of the world's great chefs.  I want to try the Chili Marinated Chicken with Lime Guacamole first...

I'll report back here after I try the first cook-along; should be fun!
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Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 12.22.08 PM
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