Homemade Pasta - Take One

I've always been all about the baking. Cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, they're all solidly in my repertoire.


But there's always been a nagging desire to try making homemade pasta. I've watched Mario Batale do it in moments on TV so many times. How hard could it be?


So I put it on my goals list for 2013. "Learn how to make fresh pasta."


There are only three ingredients, what could go wrong?


I got a medium sized bowl out, dumped in two cups of flour. Mixed in a teaspoon of salt.


Made a well in the middle, and dumped in a lightly beaten egg.


Pretended I was Mario and used my fingers to start swirling the egg into the flour until it came together.


Wow, this was actually working!


I took the glob of dough and kneaded it on a lightly floured mat for about three minutes. It felt stretchy and a little bit shiny.


Here's where I messed up a little. I actually own a pasta roller attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer, but got impatient and decided to just roll it out on my own.


I rolled the dough out on the mat as thin as I could (turns out it wasn't very thin). Then I used a pizza slicer to turn it into thin strips (looked almost like fettucine).


Bathed in the glow of almost-success, I plunked the "pasta" into boiling water.




OK. So it actually tasted pretty good, if a bit thick. I just put some butter, capers, a squeeze of lemon, and some parmesan cheese on top.


Next time I'm definitely using my roller attachment to make nice thin strips.


Stay tuned for attempt number 2.


Any of you guys make your own pasta?

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