Hugo - the best 3D movie yet



When I first saw the trailer for Hugo, I was perplexed. It looked like it was a movie for kids, but it was directed by Martin Scorsese.  Now that's intriguing.  I noticed also that it was in 3D, a format I usually just tolerate, not necessarily enjoy.


However, Hugo manages to smash all expectations.  It unfolds in 3D like a magical pop-up book, wheeling and spinning through a dreamy time and place.  Somewhere in Paris, some time around the 30's, with a cast of characters populating a train station.  Look for a brilliant turn by Sacha Baron Cohen (yes, of Bruno fame) as a lovesick security guard.  


This is not a movie for young children, although it revolves around a mystical quest by a 12 year old boy.  It is grounded in gritty reality (he's an orphan), but flies around fancifully, tracking the whys and wherefores of how people tick.  I can't say too much about the actual story without spilling some of the intrigue, but let's just say it's mesmerizing in the best possible way.


This is one of Martin Scorsese's masterpieces.  Not to be missed.


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