July Random Dessert - Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, I know it's August...too many plates spinning right now!  I did finally get around to making July's random dessert, and it was worth the wait.


First, I went looking for a chewy chocolate cookie recipe and found this:



It was an easy recipe, and super delicious as a cookie, but probably too tender to use as an ice cream sandwich holder. I forged ahead anyway...but had to make the ice cream quick before everyone at my cookies out from under me!  If you decide to use this cookie recipe for sandwiches, I'd leave out the chocolate chips...




Then, I made peanut butter ice cream with chopped up Reese's peanut butter cups in it.  Here's the recipe from Cuisinart: http://www.cuisinart.com/recipes/desserts/98.html


Dude, it was all I could do not to just eat it before it went into the freezer.  Delicious.


While it's still a bit mushy, drop a dollop of the ice cream onto a cookie and smoosh it with another cookie.




It will look awesomely messy like this.  Put it onto a piece of Saran Wrap and wrap it up tight, and pop it in the freezer.  It's several bites of heaven.




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