New clips from Instagram

What's up with all of the "new clip" notifications?  I'm importing my Instagram photos (there are a couple hundred of them).


Unless you're living in a cave, you probably know that Facebook bought Instagram this week for $1 billion.  I'm happy for the dudes at Instagram, but since I'm not donating any of my content or information to Mark Zuckerburg (who believes privacy is dead), I'm out.


I recognize that lots of people like Facebook, and I say enjoy.  It's just not my scene.


So, look for an influx of artsy pics here, where I'm comfy and secure, and can control what happens to my content.  Truthfully, these photos should have been here in the first place.


Do you use Instagram? Do you plan to hang around and see what happens?  


(To be fair, both Facebook and Instagram have stated that they do not plan to change anything right now, and won't force Facebook integration in the near term.)

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