iPad app review: for the kid artiste

When you have a young budding artist, you're constantly searching for ways to feed the desire to create.  When you run out of paper coloring books and the magic markers are dried out, an iPad can come to the rescue.  Here are two of our favorite iPad apps for young artists:


Crayola ColorStudio HD - this app requires a specialized marker (about $30), but we've been happily using it in "try me" mode without the marker for months.  The graphics are beautiful, and you get the fun array of colors you'd get from one of those massive Crayola boxes with a sharpener in the back.


MirrorPaint Free - did you love your Spirograph as a kid? This free app mimics the addictiveness and fun you remember.  It looks complicated, because it also has a simple scripting component, but our 5 yr old figured it out quickly.  Did I mention that it's free?


Don't forget that, with anything that's created on the iPad, you can always click the Home button and the on/off button at the same time to do a screen capture.  The resulting image is then placed into the Photo Album for your next sync.



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