The new Jane Eyre mesmerizes, haunts

You know a movie is good when images from it are still hanging around your brain several days later.  The new Jane Eyre adaptation is doing just that.  I originally read (and loved) the Charlotte Bronte book baJane-Eyre-2011-Movie-Posterck in 5th grade, so I was skeptical of the need for another movie version.  In fact, I have purposely avoided watching previous adaptations because I didn't want to spoil my own imaginings.


However, finding myself at loose ends on Saturday night, and free to pick whatever I wanted to watch, I decided to visit the moors.  The trailer for this movie makes it seem as if it's a horror flick (perhaps to entice boys), but the supernatural aspects are elegantly woven and subtle.


Jane is the prototypical "caged bird," and Director Fukunaga does a fine job of building an inner life for Mia Wasikowska (who was also amazing on HBO's In Treatment).  My imaginings were left entirely intact as Jane struggles against the many and diverse restraints that are placed upon her---everything from the very corset she wears to the expectations of her acquaintances.


Michael Fassbender is a somewhat young-ish Rochester, but he immediately overcomes that hurdle with his fierce glances and simmering intellect. 


In short, I was swept away just as I was in 5th grade, and now I need to read it again!

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