August Random Dessert - French Macarons

Guess what? I've never even tasted a macaron before.  But I've always been curious...they are often pastel, they have weird "feet" on the bottom, and are notoriously difficult to make.


So yeah. I needed to make those right away!


In my original Year of Random Desserts post I had planned to use the original Laduree recipe published on Epicurious.  However, the comments on that recipe scared the everliving bejeepers out of me, and there was some weirdness with the French and metric translations.


I was stewing about what to do when all of a sudden my favorite baking blogger came to the rescue.  Bakerella posted adorable blue macaron teddy bears.  Since her recipes are reliable and in English, and she shows lots of pictures along the way, I decided to use her method.


This is what they looked like when I piped them out.  I'm assuming that my egg whites might have been a tiny bit overwhipped since they retained the swirly lines.  They're supposed to be smooth.  Another little note in case you're going to make sure that your almonds are fully powdered; any bits of almond will ruin the texture of your macarons.




Here are the macarons fresh out of the oven.  I "had" to taste one for scientific purposes, and although I don't know what they're supposed to taste like, I thought they were amazing.  Slightly crispy on the shell, with a chewy middle.  Putting ganache in the middle is just gilding the lily.  So let's do that.




Here is a finished macaron.  It looks like a little hamburger, doesn't it?  For a first attempt, these were pretty darn good.  I'm glad I bought lots of extra almonds so I can give it another try now that I know what to do.


Also, note that the original Laduree recipe says to chill them in the fridge for 24 hours after you make them for best taste.  Good luck with that.



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