What the heck is a MOO card?

Have you ever scrambled around in your pockets or purse for a scrap of paper to write your home phone number on? For me, this always happens at the park or at school, when another parent wants to set up a playdate with our children.  And sometimes I end up having to pull out a business card and write my cell phone number on it.  It always feels tacky to me.


But now, I've found an elegant solution.




They're called MOO cards, and they're an inexpensive way to have what used to be called "calling cards."  Of course, you can also use them as real business cards, but these minicards are great for fun. 


The key is that you can put multiple photos or designs on the back of the cards.  This is a box of 100, and I'm using four different personal photos, pulled from my Flickr account.  I decided to put my personal email account and my cell phone number on them, so the next time someone wants to get in touch, I can pull one of these bad boys out.


They are super easy to design, using MOO's online system, and the quality is amazing at such a cheap price (this box would have been about $20).  Here's where I have to disclose that I received a free sample 100-pack as a KloutPerk...however, I really wanted to share this with you because it's pretty darn cool regardless.


Here's the website: http://us.moo.com/products/minicards.html (not an affiliate link).




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