Recipe/Review: Onion Crunch Swirls

You know how much I like food, right?  Well, apparently someone else noticed that as well, and sent me a fun package of Onion Crunch to play with.


What is Onion Crunch, you may ask...


It's real onion, dehydrated and crumbled so that you can easily add oniony goodness to your recipes.




I'm usually more into baking sweet things than savory, but my first thought on receiving these was to work them into a crunchy hors' doevre.  Hence, Onion Crunch Swirls were born.




All you need is a sheet of puff pastry, Onion Crunch, and cheese (I used swiss, but I think shredded Gouda or cheddar might be nice too).


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.


Thaw the sheet of puff pastry (it takes about 30 minutes) and roll it out just slightly.


Brush the pastry lightly with butter.


Sprinkle Onion Crunch over the pastry, leaving an inch border on the long sides.


Sprinkle the cheese over the pastry, leaving an inch border again.  Lightly salt.


Tightly roll the pastry sheet into a long roll, and then slice it into 12 slices.


Space out the swirls on parchment paper on a cookie sheet (I used an air-bake pan) and cook for about 15 minutes.  Make sure it's golden and puffed.


Devour immediately.



I think these Onion Crunch has better oniony flavor than the familiar onion crisps you normally see on top of green bean casserole.  My verdict?  Try it!  I think they would be great as a coating for chicken too.


Let me know if you would like to try these; I have some to give away.  The first requestor with a good idea will get a container of Onion Crunch and some packets (sorry, Mr. Onion is already part of the family).



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