April Dessert - Strawberry Cream Gateau



Okay, so it started off to be a Strawberry Cream Gateau (from the Golden Book of Baking).  However, when I actually started to make this monster, I realized that gateau means soaking the strawberries and the cake in liquor.  I hate liquor-soaked fruit and cake.  Hmmmm.  


I started to improvise.  


First off, I decided not to soak the strawberries in Cointreau (I don't like orange-flavored anything).  You'd think I would have noticed that when I chose this recipe, but ah well.  Then, after putting wine in the cream/custard, I realized that it wasn't really cooking out like it should.  The custard was very thick and wine-y smelling.  Perhaps I beat it too much while it was over the warm water?


The cake part of the gateau was super super eggy (which I think was the idea), and without soaking it in something, it turned out very dry.  Tasted something like desiccated scrambled eggs with strawberries on top.  The whipped cream did not really improve the situation, and I let everyone off the hook from eating it.


Leaving the kitchen with a grey cloud over my head, I vowed to read the entire recipe before committing next time.  


Here's a link to the cookbook in case you feel brave and want to give this one a whirl: http://www.amazon.com/The-Gold...ecipes/dp/0764162721


The strawberries were good!

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