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From the opening scenes to the awesome (don't miss them) ending credits, Super8 completely mesmerized me.  If you're old enough to have loved Stand by Me and E.T., this movie will grab you and not let go.


The central action concerns a gang of kids who are helping their friend make monster movies.  One illicit night of shooting, they capture a massive train crash (and something else) on film, setting in motion a chain of events that I shouldn't describe.  Let's just say that something was on the train, and the Air Force wants it back very badly.


This movie is refreshingly free of snark, self-awareness, or meta-anything.  Which makes it a breath of fresh air.  The most high-tech gadget in the film is one of the kids' electronic football game (omigosh I LOVED that game).  The relationships among the children, as well as with the parents, are so well-drawn that it becomes not just a sci-fi movie.  I knew all of these people in 1979, and loved them.  You will too.


Here's the official website, with trailer:


Super 8 New Movie POster

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Super 8 New Movie POster
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