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Landing with a "digital thud" on my doorstep every morning, The Daily (Rupert Murdoch's newly launched virtual newspaper) has now become part of my routine.  We're still in the two week free trial period, but I've pretty much decided I will subscribe when it runs out.  The subscription is $39.99 a year, which compares very favorably with the roughly $200 a year for Wall Street Journal iPad subscription.  For me, the free WSJ app is doing just fine anyway...

After about a week and a half of usage, I have some thoughts pro and con, in case anyone is considering whether to subscribe.

The Daily Totally Rocks:
  • Graphics and design are slick and elegant, and articles are multimedia (videos embedded within text frequently)
  • Photos are beautiful, and many can be flipped sideways for a different view (sometimes 360 degrees, which is pretty wow)
  • The articles are well-written and seem to be journalistically (is that a word) sound
  • You can watch the stories as video, or listen to the stories (audio-only) while you're driving
  • Save stories for later reading with the paperclip function
The Daily Needs More Work:
  • The crossword puzzle interface is nearly unusable (granted, I'm spoiled by the gorgeous NY Times crossword app, but still...).  The keyboard popup on the iPad covers the letter blocks when you type, so you can't see which blocks you are typing in.  Hideous.
  • When you want to "share" an article, the pre-populated text isn't customized with the article name (ok, a nitpick)
  • Hello? The business section? Where's the beef? The business digest has all the heft of your average Reader's Digest page.
  • In general, the publication is much more magazine-y than newspaper-y.  This is really a credit to the sleek design, but I still want more news, less Kim Kardashian.
My final recommendation?  Go try it for a week and see if it suits you.  I've decided to get on board and see where it goes.
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