The Daily on iPad is good, needs work

I've already blogged about my love of The Daily on iPad, and I still really really like it, but there are some issues that need to be resolved (in addition to the issues I mentioned in the previous post):


Fix the subscription connection - my subscription keeps getting disconnected, which results in my having to go through gyrations to get the content I've paid for.


Stop the disappearing content - it drives me insane that, unless I download The Daily on that day, it's gone forever.  Easy solution would be to put up a subscriber-login website that retains an archive so that I can access content I missed.


Make it easier for me to save content I like - basically, see #2 above.  There MUST be an archive.  There was recently a great ab workout in The Daily, and I wanted to save it so that I could print it and actually USE it.  I emailed the content to myself (ok, good), and when I accessed it online, was unable to print it or see the full content.  In order to print, I had to literally take screen captures and past them into a document (are we in 2005 here?).


I've hung in there for the last three months because The Daily is visually appetizing, well-written, and entertaining.  But unless some of these drawbacks get ironed out, I'm probably going to unsubscribe.  So...after three months, my verdict to those who haven't subscribed yet might want to wait.


ADDENDUM: after I Tweeted my frustration, @daily_help responded and told me that the newest version fixes the subscription problem.  I've updated, and we'll see what happens.  Kudos to them for being responsive!  They also said that an archive may be in the works (yay).

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