Tower Heist is fun, funny

I have to admit that I was pumped up for this movie.  I love a good heist, particularly if there are twists and turns along the way (note that A Fish Called Wanda is one of my favorites of all time).  


Tower Heist is no "Wanda," but it is a great way to spend a couple of hours.  One of the key draws for me was to see Eddie Murphy finally doing his thing again, coming out from behind the cartoon donkey of Shrek.  He injects his sly self into several of the funnier scenes, but it could have used even more.


Gabourey Sidibe almost steals the show as a Jamaican maid with mad skills and sexy energy.  She could have also used more screen time.


Ben Stiller is the hub of the action, as the tightly wrapped manager of the Tower.  He draws around him a family of characters who ring true, and create the beating heart of the movie.  That's what makes the heist worth caring about.


My final recommendation is go see it.  It's very funny and engaging, and relies on smart humor rather than the usual sludge of crudeness and slapstick.  Let's support that!


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