Announcing 2012, the Year of Random Desserts

Since 2006, inspired by Martha Stewart's Year of Cakes magazine issue, I've been choosing a year's worth of monthly desserts to try.  We've had cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and muffins so far, and this year I was stumped.  I believe it was Ted who first suggested, "how about a year of random desserts?"  And so here is my plan for the year.  


Before moving on to 2012, I have to say that 2011's Year of Muffins was rocky.  I don't feel that I've perfected the light fluffy muffin of my dreams, but that just leaves something to strive for.  The highlight of the year, without question, was the Best Apple Pie Muffins.  If you choose one recipe to try from last year's list, make it that one!



2012, Year of Random Desserts


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