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What's up with all of the "new clip" notifications?  I'm importing my Instagram photos (there are a couple hundred of them).


Unless you're living in a cave, you probably know that Facebook bought Instagram this week for $1 billion.  I'm happy for the dudes at Instagram, but since I'm not donating any of my content or information to Mark Zuckerburg (who believes privacy is dead), I'm out.


I recognize that lots of people like Facebook, and I say enjoy.  It's just not my scene.


So, look for an influx of artsy pics here, where I'm comfy and secure, and can control what happens to my content.  Truthfully, these photos should have been here in the first place.


Do you use Instagram? Do you plan to hang around and see what happens?  


(To be fair, both Facebook and Instagram have stated that they do not plan to change anything right now, and won't force Facebook integration in the near term.)

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Yes, I have a split personality.  There is baking, movie-watching, mom-of-twins Rosemary who lives here on, and there is professional, social media fanatic, technology geek Rosemary who exists all over the web (except Facebook, as you know).


So this week, it is with great pleasure that I unveil my new hideout.  I'm using our platform to launch my own social media blog & community at


Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 9.08.59 AM


Not much will change here, although there will be less technology and geek-related posting.


The baking will continue, and anyone in my circles will still see family pictures and videos.  I see it as a more logical split between my personal ramblings (here) and professional ramblings (over there).  


Moving the professional posts over to our platform will also allow me more freedom to use the additional features that offers (I'm starting with just a blog, but hoping to add forums and live chat events in the future).  The subject area for the new blog is to break down social marketing in terms that a small business owner or newcomer can understand.  There are plenty of blogs where experts can find out how to monitor their audience of thousands, but not too many places for smaller businesses who are just starting out on their social media journey.


I'm smashing a virtual bottle of champagne across my laptop!  Cheers!

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Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 9.08.59 AM
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This year's CES has reportedly surpassed all attendance records, and it certainly felt that way at the show.  Here's my report from the "trenches."


Takeaways this year:

  • They're still trying to get us to want 3D in our homes
  • Devices between the size of an smartphone and a tablet are emerging (think Galaxy Note, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  • All objects around us are going to get "smart" (think refrigerators, walls, clothing)
  • You need at least 10 customized iPhone cases in your wardrobe
  • Charging is key; portable, mobile, multi-plugged, cross-platform, solar...




I had a beautiful view of Chicago as I flew into O'Hare for my layover.  It looks so tiny from up here!




My first shot of the South Hall, walking in.  Believe it or not, this is not a very crowded scene.  Sometimes you feel like you are a fish being propelled downstream when you're walking the floor.




Looks like Leo Laporte wasn't in the TWiT booth at the time, or I'd have rushed up there like a fangirl chasing the Beatles.




There were lots of random cars at the show, even in the non-car booths.  Everyone was waiting in line to sit in this one and have their picture taken.




This cute little car was in the Crossley booth (the makers of those jukeboxes and portable record players).  You remember records, right?




I took this picture just for Dave.  It's a pretty red, isn't it?




This was a cute idea...for kids to prop up and store their iPads.  They also function as pillows, and there's a little storage compartment for earphones, etc.  




My favorite piece of tech...the projectable keyboard.  There was a huge crowd in this booth, and these devices are actually available now (remember when I showed this technology in last year's CES report?)  I want to buy one, but their price point is a tad high, in my opinion.




This was the Kia booth, believe it or not.  They were showing off integrated iPad docks in the cars, and some sleek new dashboard design. 




I just loved the colors and design of this Kia. See the hardwood floor?  It's modern and retro at the same time.  Did I just say I loved a Kia?  




Another shot of the Kia's interior.




The Audi booth was lit so brightly you needed to put sunglasses on to walk into it.  It made for some good pictures though.  If I recall correctly, this is an electric car.




Booth babes doing their thing.  This was in a camera booth.




That's Fox News reporting from up there, above the fray.




One of the coolest things we saw.  This booth had an actor from the new Men in Black 3 movie getting his makeup put on by the actual makeup artist from the movie.  When I took this picture, he had already been in the chair for 4 hours, with a brief lunch break.





Cool silver car...this was a headphone booth, I believe.




Yellow's not my thing, but the car is nice.




Day 2 swag haul.  We have earphones galore.





We tried to visit the Scripps Networks (our customer's) booth, but no-one was home when we got there.  Looked like there had been a good party in there previously.




There was a big line of geeks waiting to try out this Parrot hovercraft, which can be controlled with your iPhone.





We stopped to watch this CNet show, but the hosts were so annoying we had to leave.  It is some kind of tech rumor show.




Giant kangaroo for Dish Network.  Too bad they weren't giving out little versions of this.




While in Vegas, we had to visit the shark pool at the Golden Nugget (on Fremont Street).  I had seen it on an episode of Extreme Resorts.  There is a water slide that goes through the shark tank!




Don't know if you can tell, but that's Jay Mohr sitting down in the background (in front of the white column) chatting with a makeup artist.  They were shooting a Jim Carrey/Steve Carell movie (called Burt Wonderstone) when we hit Fremont Street.




Steve Buscemi is in this picture.  I swear.




Another shot of the moviemaking.  There were a lot of extras milling around.




The person in red under the palm tree is Steve Carell.  We tried to wave, but he was done shooting and ran out like a shot.




Final day swag.  Pretty minimal, but I was happy to get the new HGTV print magazine (read it on the airplane, it's great) and the Skype shirt and iPhone holder are useful.


It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be back home!

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Have you ever scrambled around in your pockets or purse for a scrap of paper to write your home phone number on? For me, this always happens at the park or at school, when another parent wants to set up a playdate with our children.  And sometimes I end up having to pull out a business card and write my cell phone number on it.  It always feels tacky to me.


But now, I've found an elegant solution.




They're called MOO cards, and they're an inexpensive way to have what used to be called "calling cards."  Of course, you can also use them as real business cards, but these minicards are great for fun. 


The key is that you can put multiple photos or designs on the back of the cards.  This is a box of 100, and I'm using four different personal photos, pulled from my Flickr account.  I decided to put my personal email account and my cell phone number on them, so the next time someone wants to get in touch, I can pull one of these bad boys out.


They are super easy to design, using MOO's online system, and the quality is amazing at such a cheap price (this box would have been about $20).  Here's where I have to disclose that I received a free sample 100-pack as a KloutPerk...however, I really wanted to share this with you because it's pretty darn cool regardless.


Here's the website: (not an affiliate link).




You might recognize that blueberry muffin

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This is a dispatch from the productivity file! We've successfully moved to the Charleston, SC area, but still have no WiFi hookup at home (yes, to me, this is like not having running water). As I try to continue getting work done, I've uncovered some tips that might be useful to anyone else who is "working outside of the comfort zone."


Buy comfortable headphones. If you're working at Starbucks, McDonald's, or any other free WiFi zone, you'll need to block out the sound of the espresso machine and that loud MLM guy sitting next to you on his cellphone.


Use time-blocking. It can be easy to skitter around from one project to the next if you don't set aside specific time blocks to accomplish tasks. Some people use "Pomodoro" to help them use blocks of time wisely. I like to do about 20 minute blocks myself.


Spend quality time out of work-mode too. If you're not going to an office, you can slide into "I'm working all the time" mode. It's still important to unplug and hug the kids, go to the beach (W00t!), and read a good book.


You need video conferencing. I've found that audio-only just doesn't cut it for meetings and staying in touch.  Now that we have iChat, FaceTime, and Google+ Huddles, there's no excuse for phone conferences.  There's something about seeing someone's face that is important when you're trying to work together.


Find a good collaboration application. Producteev is my current application of choice for keeping track of tasks online.  I'm using it to manage work projects, moving-related tasks, as well as school and family to-do lists. (The iPhone app is a great bonus.)  Be sure you choose a solution that allows you to share tasks with other team members.


We're supposed to get re-connected to cyberspace tomorrow...wish me luck!


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When you have a young budding artist, you're constantly searching for ways to feed the desire to create.  When you run out of paper coloring books and the magic markers are dried out, an iPad can come to the rescue.  Here are two of our favorite iPad apps for young artists:


Crayola ColorStudio HD - this app requires a specialized marker (about $30), but we've been happily using it in "try me" mode without the marker for months.  The graphics are beautiful, and you get the fun array of colors you'd get from one of those massive Crayola boxes with a sharpener in the back.


MirrorPaint Free - did you love your Spirograph as a kid? This free app mimics the addictiveness and fun you remember.  It looks complicated, because it also has a simple scripting component, but our 5 yr old figured it out quickly.  Did I mention that it's free?


Don't forget that, with anything that's created on the iPad, you can always click the Home button and the on/off button at the same time to do a screen capture.  The resulting image is then placed into the Photo Album for your next sync.



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rosemary_with_ciaran_drivewayFebruary 26, 2005--It was a crisp early Spring day in Seattle, with a clear blue sky.  A rarity to be savored, and so we had gone out in the front driveway to take some pictures of Ciaran.  There was an exhilarating breeze coming from the direction of the river, and feeling the sun on our faces made all of us smile.  The pine trees were swishing gently, and Ted said, "why don't you pick him up?"


I was asked the other day about my avatar, which is now in use on so many of my social profiles across the web that I've lost track.  There's a reason I chose to use that particular photo as my virtual web presence for the last 5 years or so--it represents a moment of pure bliss.


These pictures of Ciaran are some of my favorites.  He's wearing his favorite orange rain jacket.  He had a recent haircut. As usual, he was full of energy and giggling.


When this particular photo was taken, I didn't know I was in the frame, and my smile is just unselfconscious total joy in the moment.


Much better than a headshot from a professional studio, and it makes me light up inside every time I see it. I guess someday I'll have to find a new avatar picture, but for now this is me.



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From the opening scenes to the awesome (don't miss them) ending credits, Super8 completely mesmerized me.  If you're old enough to have loved Stand by Me and E.T., this movie will grab you and not let go.


The central action concerns a gang of kids who are helping their friend make monster movies.  One illicit night of shooting, they capture a massive train crash (and something else) on film, setting in motion a chain of events that I shouldn't describe.  Let's just say that something was on the train, and the Air Force wants it back very badly.


This movie is refreshingly free of snark, self-awareness, or meta-anything.  Which makes it a breath of fresh air.  The most high-tech gadget in the film is one of the kids' electronic football game (omigosh I LOVED that game).  The relationships among the children, as well as with the parents, are so well-drawn that it becomes not just a sci-fi movie.  I knew all of these people in 1979, and loved them.  You will too.


Here's the official website, with trailer:


Super 8 New Movie POster

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Google and YouTube are conspiring against me.  When Google acquired YouTube, they decided to combine login accounts.  And recently Google attempted to clear things up by consolidating accounts as well, realizing that people had multiple profiles.  This sequence of events has me so messed up that I want to stick forks in my eyeballs.


Exhibit A:


Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 9.11.51 AM


I already had four Google accounts:

Account #1: login related to our family calendar, etc.

Account #2: login for my gmail account, which I almost never use

Account #3: my personal Google profile account, which is tied to an old business email

Account #4: my work Google login, created for me when we started using Google docs, etc., at work


Additional mayhem has ensued because various Google services are tied to the various accounts (Adwords, my biz profile, calendars, docs, and now YouTube).


I also already had two separate YouTube logins that I personal YouTube account, which has funny videos of the kids, and our corporate YouTube account, which has product videos.


I finally figured out how to link the corporate YouTube account to my work Google login.  Phew.


However, now I can't log in to YouTube with my personal YouTube login in order to link it to my personal Google account because Google recognizes that I'm "professional Rosemary."


I'm 10 seconds away from just starting a new YouTube account.  (That would be number 3...)


Need a visit from the "login fairy!"

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Full disclosure...I'm married to one of the creators of this app, but even if I weren't, I'd say it totally rocks.  This is a fun side project for some of our dev team who are interested in sports and apps, and it was released today!


The app includes mock draft creation, a 600-player-deep prospect database with articles and videos, and full live draft updates on draft day.  Use your Facebook connect login, and share your mock draft with friends.


Visit to see full feature details and screenshots.


It's only $2.99, a total steal if you're interested in the NFL draft.


The guys had so much fun doing this one that they're already working on pro basketball and hockey draft apps as well.


Tell your friends; baby needs new shoes...

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I've already blogged about my love of The Daily on iPad, and I still really really like it, but there are some issues that need to be resolved (in addition to the issues I mentioned in the previous post):


Fix the subscription connection - my subscription keeps getting disconnected, which results in my having to go through gyrations to get the content I've paid for.


Stop the disappearing content - it drives me insane that, unless I download The Daily on that day, it's gone forever.  Easy solution would be to put up a subscriber-login website that retains an archive so that I can access content I missed.


Make it easier for me to save content I like - basically, see #2 above.  There MUST be an archive.  There was recently a great ab workout in The Daily, and I wanted to save it so that I could print it and actually USE it.  I emailed the content to myself (ok, good), and when I accessed it online, was unable to print it or see the full content.  In order to print, I had to literally take screen captures and past them into a document (are we in 2005 here?).


I've hung in there for the last three months because The Daily is visually appetizing, well-written, and entertaining.  But unless some of these drawbacks get ironed out, I'm probably going to unsubscribe.  So...after three months, my verdict to those who haven't subscribed yet might want to wait.


ADDENDUM: after I Tweeted my frustration, @daily_help responded and told me that the newest version fixes the subscription problem.  I've updated, and we'll see what happens.  Kudos to them for being responsive!  They also said that an archive may be in the works (yay).

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"Is that as fast as you can go, you moppet?"Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 12.22.08 PM
"Don't burn the risotto!"

Ah, the encouraging words of the master.  I'm talking, of course, about Gordon Ramsay, the one-man Scottish food/media juggernaut of Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nighmares, cookbooks, high-end restaurants, and now...coming to an iPad near you.

I must admit that I'm already a big Gordon Ramsay fan (some don't like him because of his gruff manner on Hell's Kitchen, but after seeing a lot of his other work, I love him).

The app includes recipes with full video walkthroughs so that you can "cook along" with the chef, ingredient lists that can be moved over to a shopping list (which can then be sent to your iPhone), and social sharing tools as well.  The recipes are handily organized by category, difficulty level, season, ingredient, or time.  Or you can just visually browse pictures of the finished recipes.

There are also nifty little mini-tip videos like how to properly cut an onion (did you know that the way you slice it can affect how much you cry?).  You can also get direct access to purchase his books or check out his restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay: Cook with Me HD is a bit pricey (at $8 US), for an app, but priceless when you consider that you're getting virtual apprenticeship with one of the world's great chefs.  I want to try the Chili Marinated Chicken with Lime Guacamole first...

I'll report back here after I try the first cook-along; should be fun!
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Landing with a "digital thud" on my doorstep every morning, The Daily (Rupert Murdoch's newly launched virtual newspaper) has now become part of my routine.  We're still in the two week free trial period, but I've pretty much decided I will subscribe when it runs out.  The subscription is $39.99 a year, which compares very favorably with the roughly $200 a year for Wall Street Journal iPad subscription.  For me, the free WSJ app is doing just fine anyway...

After about a week and a half of usage, I have some thoughts pro and con, in case anyone is considering whether to subscribe.

The Daily Totally Rocks:
  • Graphics and design are slick and elegant, and articles are multimedia (videos embedded within text frequently)
  • Photos are beautiful, and many can be flipped sideways for a different view (sometimes 360 degrees, which is pretty wow)
  • The articles are well-written and seem to be journalistically (is that a word) sound
  • You can watch the stories as video, or listen to the stories (audio-only) while you're driving
  • Save stories for later reading with the paperclip function
The Daily Needs More Work:
  • The crossword puzzle interface is nearly unusable (granted, I'm spoiled by the gorgeous NY Times crossword app, but still...).  The keyboard popup on the iPad covers the letter blocks when you type, so you can't see which blocks you are typing in.  Hideous.
  • When you want to "share" an article, the pre-populated text isn't customized with the article name (ok, a nitpick)
  • Hello? The business section? Where's the beef? The business digest has all the heft of your average Reader's Digest page.
  • In general, the publication is much more magazine-y than newspaper-y.  This is really a credit to the sleek design, but I still want more news, less Kim Kardashian.
My final recommendation?  Go try it for a week and see if it suits you.  I've decided to get on board and see where it goes.
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All we needed was another reason to watch the Superbowl forRionoType the commercials...but 20th Century Fox is pulling a pretty creative stunt to promote its upcoming movie "RIO," which comes out on April 15. 
When you watch the RIO commercial spot, you are supposed to find the frame with the embedded code that will in turn direct you to a special level on ANGRY BIRDS (by Rovio).  That level will take you to a RIO sweepstakes.
The sweepstakes winner will attend RIO’s world premiere in Rio de Janeiro on March 22.  That same day, Fox and Rovio launch a new “Angry Birds Rio” app.

If you forget to Tivo the Superbowl, the commercial will be available across the web, including, after the Super Bowl.

...and for what it's worth, I'll be rooting for the Packers, much-beloved by my husband's grandfather, "Pop."  I know he's in heaven with his knit Packers cap on, cheering away!

Here's the RIO synopsis (I didn't get to pre-screen the movie, so this tip is not an endorsement):
From the makers of the hit ICE AGE series, RIO is a comedy-adventure, in 3D, about taking a walk on the wild side.  Blu is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, living a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota.  Blu and Linda think he’s the last of his kind, but when they learn about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they head to the faraway and exotic land to find Jewel, Blu’s female counterpart.  Not long after they arrive, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of bungling animal smugglers.  With the help of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds, Blu escapes.  Now, with his new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to learn to fly, thwart the kidnappers who are hot on their trail, and return to Linda, the best friend a bird ever had.

Disclosure: I was sent press info on this event, but sadly no money or goodies.  I am only posting this because I love movies, I love technology, and I love creative ideas (oh, and playing mindless games on my iPad), and I know my readers love those things too

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"Focus like a laser beam on THESE 12 THINGS..."
"You need to check your brain health..."
"Buy gold now and secure your financial future..."

This is just a small sampling of the commercials I heard this morning via Sirius satellite radio on the way to work.  "But wait," you might say, "I thought satellite radio was commercial free!"  You would be wrong about that.

Sirius bills itself as "The original 100% commercial-free music Satellite Radio Service."  That is not true.  Perhaps there is some strange, Clintonian definition of "commercial" that doesn't include paid content that promotes a certain product or service...

I actually enjoy our Sirius radio subscription, and listen to it quite a bit when we're in Ted's car, but it sticks in my craw when I hear them touting themselves as commercial free.

Am I the only one who's bugged by this?
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