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Split Personality
3/9/12 8:21 AM
Comment by LittleOddMe LittleOddMe is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
Cheers!!!   I see the sense in splitting up various aspects of one's blogging that won't attract (or might even put off) the same crowd.
Split Personality
3/9/12 3:44 PM
Comment by Tina Tina is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
Congratulations on your newest venture!   I still think you could link your blog to FB. But that's just me. I'd like to link my FB to here if I could.
Split Personality
3/9/12 6:24 AM
Blog Entry by Rosemary O'Neill Rosemary O'Neill is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
Yes, I have a split personality.  There is baking, movie-watching, mom-of-twins Rosemary who lives here on Hoo.do, and there is professional, social media fanatic, technology geek Rosemary who exists all over the web (except Facebook, as you...
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